TMNT 30 Day Challenge

Day 17 : Favorite Leonardo Moment

(i accidentally mixed up day 16 and 17 … oops)

well my favorite Leo moment is after the shredder almost kills him in s1 and he lost his swords

and so Raph helps Leo build new ones to get him back on his feet

and building them helps Leo heal because his swords are a part of him

walk walk fashion baby

look at that swagger


TMNT 2k12: Raphril scenes vs. Apritello- S1 E2, Rise of the Turtles, Part 2

  • Leo: Raph, get the girl! *boosts Raph up*
  • Raph: *runs across heli-pad and jumps on helicopter*
  • *blah, blah, blah, Kraang gets taken down, other three fighting Snakeweed, yadda, yadda, yadda*
  • April: *falls onto rail next to Raph*
  • Raph: *looks over at her*
  • April: *falls*
  • Raph: *dives and catches her*
  • April: *looks really scared*
  • *Later when April is returned to her aunt's apartment*
  • Raph: Don't worry, we're gonna make sure we find your dad, ok?
  • April: *nods and looks at him wide-eyed as she puts her hand on Raph's*
  • You know the rest.
  • Feel free to correct this if you feel like I put the dialogue out of character, otherwise, enjoy!

TMNT 2k12: Raphril scenes vs. Apritello- S1 E22, Karai's Vendetta

  • Leo: Okay, we have to be quiet.
  • Raph: Geez, Leo, it's not like we need a lecture. We're ninjas, we know how to be quiet. *loud ringtone*
  • *All four go wide-eyed in shock*
  • Mikey: Ooh, that is embarrassing.
  • *In the middle of the fight*
  • Raph: Hey, April, now isn't such a good time!
  • April: Raph, Karai's after me!
  • Raph: What?!
  • Leo: *shoves Raph onto the floor*
  • Raph: Karai's chasing April, we need to help her!
  • Leo: And who's gonna help us?
  • *both jump away*
  • Raph: April, real sorry, our hands are a little full, but it's okay, just calm down, and RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
  • Leo: Raph, April's fine, she can take care of herself.
  • Raph: Are you kidding? Not up against Karai, I gotta get her!
  • Leo: Well explain how you're gonna do that if you get blasted in the head?
  • Raph: *ducks to avoid Kraang blast* I see your point.
  • Later, after they get back to the lair
  • Raph: April, pick up, come ooon, pick up, pick up, pick up.
  • April: Hey, Raph.
  • Raph: APRIL! You're okay, *turns to his brothers* you heard that, my sweet angel is ALIVE! *turns back* I didn't mute that, did I?
  • April: Why don't we just say you did?
  • Raph: *smiles* Sweet.
  • Feel free to correct this if you feel like I put the dialogue out of context (which I probably did), otherwise, enjoy!

TMNT 2k12: Raphril scenes vs. Apritello- S1 E23, Operation Breakout

  • Leo: Don't worry, Raph, I won't be too hard on you.
  • Raph: *looks at April* Well, don't do any favors for me, fearless leader. And, I mean, I should be the one that's going easier on you.
  • Splinter: Hagime!
  • *both fight for a minute until Leo comes out on top*
  • Leo: *puts his foot on Raph's plastron* Thanks for going easy on me, Raph.
  • Raph: *scowls as he gets up*
  • Raph stops Leo as they walk out of the dojo.
  • Raph: Dude, what the heck was that? April was in there, I mean,...
  • Leo: *sarcastically* What, I thought you liked combat training?
  • Raph: *first looks angry then somewhat upset*
  • Leo: Oh, get over it. If you wanna get April's attention, then you need to do it yourself.
  • Donnie: *walks over as Leo walks away* Besides, why do you try, she's still human, it's not like you got any chance with her. If you were me on the other hand, *walks away*
  • Feel free to correct this if you feel like I put the dialogue out of character, otherwise, enjoy!

Anonymous asked:

I'd be surprised if no body had a favorite stuffed animal or toy that they had when they were little stashed away somewhere on a shelf someplace. If you have something that connects to pleasant memories people are more reluctant to get rid of them. I bet you have your first sai's that Splinter gave you when you were a kid to get the hang of using them put up in your room someplace.

raph-the-muscle answered:

Of course I still got my training Sai’s man. I wouldn’t part with those!


kehideni asked:

Have you guys been given medical training? Come to think of it, if any of you were to have a really close to fatal injury what would you do? You can't take each other to a hospital... and i'm not aware of Donnie's medical experience... maybe Splinter is the team's "healer"?

raph-the-muscle answered:

Sensei does have home remedies for when it comes to injuries. But we are all actually trained in basic first aid. I couldn’t perform like surgery or something drastic like that!? But I could set a broken bone back into place, or fix a dislocated shoulder, etc. And dress and treat any injury.  Like recently it was Mikey’s arm and before Donnie’s.