What if April & Karai were best friends and kicked ass together?

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This is a little late, I’m sorry- work is draining and looney sometimes.
Two weekends ago, my TMNT buddy and I finally came together and made one of our favourite fandoms come true.
It was insanely fun, I love my April so much x

I am seriously so glad we dedicated the first 45mins to picture taking, (basically all these nonsense) because the weather was like hell fire.
Singapore, unfortunately is not cosplay-friendly especially during the middle of the year lol.

Also, We’ve been a huge & silent fan of some tmnt artists/related blogs here on tumblr and my partner-in-crime holophernes and I wish to dedicate all these pictures to you.

maskedinred lesnee thehuginator snuffes tmnt2k12 freyreh luleiya
splintersdojo swaggatello nickelodeon smilingthroughbrokenteeth

Thank you for always supplying us with lovely, (sometimes) juicy material, in which I also poison everyone else near me with (:
TMNT for lyfe. 

p.s Click on pictures for hi-res